Tumtec Laser Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. focuses on the R&D, production and sales of laser and intelligent measurement equipment, providing customers with high performance, high quality, high appearance laser products and high-tech technical support. Tumtec laser  pursues technological innovation, and its main products, such as IP67 high standard 8-line line throwing instrument, Green light 12-line/16-line leveling instrument with automatic setting horizontal line and providing linearity for tile, are at a high level in the industry.

     Tumtec Laser is a company of laser intelligent instruments under TUMTEC group. Combing the advantages of high precision technology of Tumtec, Tumtec Laser operate independent R&D center, CNAS laboratory, and international production lines, making its product quality meet Chinese national standard, the American ANSI standard, the German DIN standard and the European CE standard. Tumtec Laser is devoted to creating a leading brand in the field of laser measuring and mapping.

     Tumtec is specialized in the development and production of optical fusion splicers and fiber cleavers. We’e provided services to China mobile, Unicom, China railways, electricity, banking, and public security fields, etc, with our business covering more than 70 countries around the world. And we continue to provide high-quality products and services for tens of thousands of domestic and foreign clients and many internationally renowned manufacturers. Tumtec is one of the most comprehensive fusion splicer manufacturers in the world.

     With the rapid development of FTTX progress, Tumtec looks forward to bringing more high-precision technologies to the public. Laser measuring instruments which is used in construction and engineering have become the first stop of Tumtec Laser Optotronics to reach to the public. Tumtec establishes new department for Tumtec Laser, using 18 years of edge-cutting technological innovation to set up a special R&D project team to develop high-quality laser measurement products suitable for the public use, in order to allow high-precision quality to be accepted by public.
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